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 What are your options for Treating Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids Surgery 31 Hemorrhoids TreatmentAll about Hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are a common ailment that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. Hemorrhoids are a result of swollen area in the anal region and may lead to further aggravation and bleeding. The hemorrhoid tissue needs immediate medical attention when it becomes prolapsed or enlarged and comes out of the anus. You have to understand the seriousness of the condition when choosing a hemorrhoid treatment. Some hemorrhoids can be treated simply by applying hemorrhoid creams whereas in other cases, more serious hemorrhoids treatments will be necessary.

In case blood clots form inside the hemorrhoids, surgery may be required to remove this region. This can be done by make a small incision in the area, and removing the area altogether. Thus surgery is a permanent hemorrhoid treatment that promises complete relief to the patients. Before trying surgery, though, you must consider other hemorrhoid treatment options that are less invasive but still can provide adequate relief.

Before any other types of treatment, we highly recomend trying HemClear to get rid of your hemorrhoids. HemClear is our pick for number one hemorrhoid treatment and has been proven to eliminate hemorrhoids. If HemClear does not work for you, then these other options might be for you.

Types of Hemorrhoid Remedies


Treatment for Mild hemorrhoid cases

The symptoms in these cases include:

  • Discomfort
  • Itchiness
  • Inflamed skin

Creams, ointments, analgesics and provide relief from discomfort and prove to be temporary hemorrhoid treatment. These options can prove effective, however, in case you want to keep a hemorrhoid treatment handy for rare bouts of pain or symptoms associated with mild hemorrhoids.


Rubber Band Hemorrhoid Treatment

This is how the rubber band ligation method works:

  • Rubber bands cut off the hemroids’ circulation
  • The hemroids shrink and retract

Physical barrier hemorrhoid treatment such as rubber band ligation works by cutting off the blood supply to the affected region so that it shrinks in size and withers away. This hemorrhoid treatment option can be very painful as the binding can cause squeezing of the affected area leading to a lot of pain.


Using Injections

During sclerotherapy, a chemical is injected into the hemorrhoid tissue that also causes shrinkage of the affected area, similar to the rubber band ligation method. This hemorrhoid treatment is not a permanent solution and it is better to stick with the rubber band ligation method if you are diagnosed with a chronic hemorrhoid condition.


Heat, laser, or electrical pulses

Hemorrhoids can also be treated with heat, laser or coagulation method to reduce the affected region. This hemorrhoid treatment burns the affected region and as a result leaves a scar that serve to strengthen the anal wall. The main disadvantage of this type of hemorrhoid treatment is that the rate of recurrence is higher than when rubber band ligation method is used.


Surgery as Hemorrhoid Treatment

Hemorrhoid surgery is chosen when all other remedies cannot provide an effective and permanent hemorrhoid treatment. Hemorrhoidectomy, as it is called, involves making a small cut in the anal region to remove the hemorrhoids. This hemorrhoid treatment is more painful than other treatments and also requires more healing time.

Thus, it is advisable to use other hemorrhoid treatment options before going for surgery.


Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy

In stapled Hemorrhoidectomy, staples are used to curb the growth of the hemorrhoidal tissue instead of cutting the tissue. This hemorrhoid treatment is less invasive and hence less painful than surgery. The staples also stop the blood supply to the hemorrhoids thus keeping it under control. Compared to other hemorrhoid treatment, however, this is still a more risky treatment option available.

The major disadvantage of this hemorrhoids treatment is that in case the hemorrhoids can still become prolapsed and then interfere in complete removal of the affected area.

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HemClear - "If you do the research as we have done you’ll discover that the mix of ingredients in HemClear are the best ingredients you can use for treating hemorrhoids. "
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